Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Smoking On Government Property?

I don't know if I pee when I'm nervous or I just drank a lot of the free bottled water our taxes go to, but I couldn't stop peeing on the morning of our final visa interview. As soon as I entered the bathroom for the first time, I was struck by the unmistakably disgusting stench of cigarettes.

I hate the smell of cigarettes all the time but especially in non smoking area. Like all US government buildings, the consulate was a smoke free zone. Clearly someone/many people were jonesing for a cigarette and found their refuge in the men's bathroom. Each time I went in there, I held my nose and peed as fast as I could. It was during my fifth pee that I discovered the smoking culprit -- A US CONSULATE SECURITY GUARD!!! There were probably five hundred potential suspects that morning and of course the only one not caring about the no smoking sign was the guy employed by the consulate to protect the rules.