Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lilah!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my super cute niece Lilah!!!!

(PICTURE: Lilah wears sunglasses at night too.)

Recently Huyen and I have been skyping with Lilah. It's pretty cool to see her on skype especially since she knows my name. However, to be honest, Lilah is never as excited to see Huyen and me as we are to see her; Lilah is most excited to see a stuffed animal monkey that we have at our apartment. One of the first times we skyped with her, Huyen brought the monkey into the conversation and since then Lilah has requested "monkey" every time we talk. The cool thing is that I know what to give her for her 3rd birthday when I come home next year!

(PICTURE: My big brother and his special ladies.)