Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where Them Chickens At?

Last week Huyen excitedly told me, "I've got two new roommates. They are chickens." Naturally I was very confused until she explained to me that she and her roommate(s) (they have an extra girl staying in the apartment for a few weeks) bought chickens so they could have fresh eggs every morning. Yeah, that's right. Her 4x10 apartment is now also a farm.

Well, I noticed when I went to pick her up the other day to take her to the hospital that the chicken were nowhere to be seen. Turns out, the extra roommate left them outside while she wasn't home and they were promptly stolen. That's right, someone stole their chickens! My guess is that the person who stole my laptop, cameras, ipod and cell phone also go their fresh egg layers.

All this lead to me saying something on Thursday night that I never thought I'd say. I was at a dinner with some teachers and someone was talking about how their roommate had his motorbike stolen. The conversation turned to robberies in Hanoi and I promptly said, "Yeah you've got to keep everything locked down here. My girlfriend just had her chickens stolen."