Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cockroaches, Rats and Spiders Oh My! Cockroaches, Rats and Spiders Oh My!

Last night around midnight Ryan and I were watching "The Savages" when Ryan jumped up and yelled, "Jesus Christ! What the hell is that!" We flicked on the light and saw the largest spider either of us had ever seen. It was literally the size of my hand. Granted I have small girly hands but still it was really freaking big.

Hannah, please don't ask me to take any of these spiders outside and not kill them if they show up while you're here:

Zoo Part II: Monkey Petting Time

This was definitely funnier in person but it is still pretty ridiculous. This monkey was in the "children's zoo." It was literally just tied to a pole with a leash. By "leash" I of course mean an old nasty rope.

Please ignore my giggling in the background. I don't know why but I couldn't stop laughing. The closest I ever came to petting a monkey when I was two years old was my stuffed animal puppet that I won at some Harrison School event.