Saturday, June 21, 2008

ZEV: Do Not Try This At Home

I often say to myself here, "I would never do this at home." Well, yesterday
I found myself doing something I would NEVER EVER do at home. Zev, do not -- I repeat, DO NOT -- ever do this with my niece:

Yeah, that's right, I drove my motorbike with Huyen and her nephew. Yes, three of us on a bike. Huyen told me she wanted to take her nephew to the park so I agreed. When I showed up at her house she said she wanted me to drive. I told her that it made me very uncomfortable and I did not want to because I thought it was extremely unsafe. Using her best lawyer skills she argued that it was much more dangerous for her to drive her nephew herself. Dammit, that's a good argument. I reluctantly agreed and drove us to the park. Hey, at least the kid was wearing a helmet, right? He's one of like 18 kids who actually wears a helmet in Hanoi.

By the way, on the way home, the kid fell asleep on the motorbike. I mean, really! These kids are a different breed. Can you imagine falling asleep on a bicycle in the middle of insane traffic and thousands of horns blaring?

My internet is back! I'll be posting all week....