Monday, May 31, 2010

Crossing The Streams

Apparently Vietnamese men never learned the valuable lesson taught to us in Ghostbusters: NEVER CROSS STREAMS!!!

A month ago, on our way to Quan Lan island, our bus stopped at a highway rest stop. Immediately everyone from the bus stream lined for the bathrooms. We had been stuck in traffic for a long time and clearly everyone, including me, needed to pee. I followed the crowd into the mens room and didn't have enough time to care how utterly disgusting it was (imagine a football stadium bathroom in the fourth quarter...times ten). There was one urinal open and I darted for it. I unzipped my fly and began the amazing feeling of relieving myself....until I was interrupted by a Vietnamese guy trying to share the urinal!!!!

Yes, a stranger tried to cross the streams with me. Apparently a few tour buses arrived at the rest stop right after ours did. There was a stampede towards the bathroom and instead of waiting in line, the men were doubling up at the urinals. I quickly glanced around the room and saw that I was the only person not sharing my toilet. The man gave me a look like, "Move over you selfish bastard!!!" as he basically elbowed his way into my urinal. I'm cool with a lot of things but frankly, I'm not cool with sharing a urinal with a stranger for the simple reason of inevitable "splash back." I gave the dude a look, shook my head frantically and gave him a chest high elbow. Thank goodness that this was enough for him to stand back and let me finish my pee.

Come on, Vietnam! Never cross the streams!