Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Super Superfood

(PICTURE: Two of the six seeds that Huyen and I ate.)

My cousin's girlfriend Kim recently told Huyen and I that durian fruit is now considered to be the ultimate "super food" in America. She told us that in Chicago, one durian seed goes for about $20 (there are usually 4 or more seeds per durian). Hearing that, Huyen and I have since decided we need to eat more durian while we can still get it cheap.

Recently I was a bit under the weather so Huyen bought me a huge durian to speed up my recovery process (although I know she really bought it because it is her favorite food). I devoured the durian and waited for its super powers to cure what ailed me. In the end, the durian was delicious (albeit smelly) but didn't put a dent into my flu. Despite eating three seeds, I was still sick for another four days.