Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Super Superfood

(PICTURE: Two of the six seeds that Huyen and I ate.)

My cousin's girlfriend Kim recently told Huyen and I that durian fruit is now considered to be the ultimate "super food" in America. She told us that in Chicago, one durian seed goes for about $20 (there are usually 4 or more seeds per durian). Hearing that, Huyen and I have since decided we need to eat more durian while we can still get it cheap.

Recently I was a bit under the weather so Huyen bought me a huge durian to speed up my recovery process (although I know she really bought it because it is her favorite food). I devoured the durian and waited for its super powers to cure what ailed me. In the end, the durian was delicious (albeit smelly) but didn't put a dent into my flu. Despite eating three seeds, I was still sick for another four days.


Transcendental Neon Blob said...

20 bucks for 1 seed is a major rip off. It's around $6 for 3 or 4 seeds at the Asian store here in Vegas.
A funny note here. I was happily munching on some durian a few months ago when my dad walked in the front door and thought the oven was leaking gas.

Laura said...

ben august; mythbusting.

i still haven't had durian, but at that price, i think i'll have to wait til i visit asia. (b/c obviously international airfare will be less than $20.)

Buffalo said...

I've heard of a single dragon fruit selling for $11 at Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

Chuc Huyen & Ben tram nam hanh phuc! I've recently discovered your blog (my con gai found it) & enjoyed reading it. It's hilarious. I think you have enough material for a sitcom. By the way, durian is very addictive & an aphrodisiac. Can than!

Benjamin said...

Welcome to the blog, anonymous. If you have any sitcom producer connections I'd be more than happy to talk!

Dragon for $11?! I need to get into the importing/exporting business ASAP.

Hannah said...

Did you just say Durian was delicious? I don't even know you anymore.

Nathan and Dung said...

My boyfriend found your blog a week or so ago and now we are both great fan of Ahoy Hanoi! We highly recommend you and your lovely fiancee/wife to come visit Malaysia, especially the town called Segamat in Johor! It's not the most exciting town in Malaysia but it has the best of the best durian in the world with great prices! Really worth a visit (only 3hrs away from Singapore by car!)

All the best! ;)