Friday, May 28, 2010

License Plate

(PICTURE: The mysterious Lexus.)

Huyen and I were riding around the city the other morning when she pointed at a car and said, "Where is that car from?" I put on my best Mister-know-it-all voice and said, "That's a Lexus. It's from Japan." Huyen politely said something like, "I know it's a Lexus you idiot, but where is the license plate from?" I squinted my eyes and then shouted, "NO WAY! That car is from California!!!":

(PICTURE: 5SLP211. Anyone in LA missing an LS600hL.)

I think this car was a sign. Huyen and I have been talking about the states a lot recently and BOOM there was a car from California. Why this car was here, I have no idea. My first guess was that it was stolen. Do any cops read my blog that can run the plates?


Anonymous said...

You want me to call the DMV? I live in California.

Benjamin said...

If you want. I'm not exactly sure what the next step would be. When I was in Cambodia a local told me that all of the luxury cars were more or less stolen from Canada. I don't know how true that is but I found it very interesting.