Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random Kids In Huyen's Village

Whenever I go to Huyen's childhood home, I inevitably bump into a few very confused children. The kids all look at me like I just beamed down from some far away planet. This past weekend, while Huyen was picking fruit from a tree (see yesterday's video), I noticed a whole bunch of eyes peering through holes in the gate of Huyen's house; a group of children had gathered and were staring at me like a specimen under a microscope. I quickly walked towards the children to say hi, but they scattered down different corridors and alleys before I could get to them. I can only imagine that they thought I was planning on snatching them up and putting them on my spaceship which they must have thought was hidden in a rice field.

There were a couple of kids left in the alley along with some adults so I decided to shoot a tiny bit of video. In this video you can see Huyen's old neighborhood as well as some cute little kids:

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Yen Phung said...

really funny. Your story reminds me of last Tet holiday when I took a German girl to my grandparent's house. She was sweeping the yard and some village kids passed and saw her. She said Hi and got back into the living room. Then that group of kids followed her into the house, sitting in front of her and starring at her like she's an alien. My mom couldnt translate and told the kids everything abt her. (I was out for a while). She did nothing but smiled lovely to the strangers.