Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Update: The Photographer

(PICTURE: Huyen in front of the photo shop we'll be using!)

Last weekend Huyen and I went to a few photographers and frankly didn't like any. I've made fun of wedding photographers/books in the past on my blog because:

1. Wedding books are taken weeks or months before the actual wedding. The books aren't so much about the wedding but are more about looking like models in often over-the-top actions shots.

2. The books often have English in them. The English is generally spelled wrong and often nonsensical. Even worse, I had one student show me her book and she had some rap lyrics on a page which she probably thought were romantic...but were basically about "tapping that..."

3. The pictures are completely photo-shopped. Half the albums we saw were either in sepia tone or drastically over colored.

The positive part about getting a photographer is that their services include:
1. Hair and make-up for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.
2. Ao Dais for all the girls at the rehearsal dinner.
3. A wedding dress for Huyen (if she doesn't want to make one)
4. A giant picture of the two of us that will be put at the entrance of the wedding.
5. A bunch of other small stuff...

After feeling like it was impossible to get a good photographer, we got a recommendation from one of Huyen's coworker. We went to the shop and were immediately won over. The pictures the photographer took were beautiful and didn't have a trace of photoshop. On top of that, there was only a little English in the albums...which still had spelling mistakes.

We immediately booked the photographer and will be taking pictures in three weeks. We'll have a half day shoot at a few different locations in Hanoi. Regardless of how it turns out, it should be a fun day!


Anonymous said...

I'm vietnamese american but my dad is friends with one of the chic-est wedding photographers in vietnam. she specializes in period clothing and sets though lol and on the downside it's comparatively expensive compared to the avg photog studio haha

Anonymous said...

I think you might like it. This is the wedding photos that I saw many years back then but still in love.

Transcendental Neon Blob said...

Get some midgets and a horse.

Transcendental Neon Blob said...

What the hell? I clicked on the pic of Huyen and saw a bunch of slippers in front of the shop.
Did you guys have to take off your shoes before entering?

Ha said...

are you taking photos in the studio or outdoor?
haha it's awfully right about the english "proverb" in photo albums...well i once saw "you're the love of my live..."