Friday, August 20, 2010

The Real Mr. Miagi

(PICTURE: On the left, Huyen's Grandfather. On the right, his brother.)

I have written in the past about Huyen's Grandfather's unbelievable strength. The last time I commented about it he was lifting himself up to a third level bunk bed on a train to Hue. Well, last weekend he proved to me that he is not only incredibly strong but he also has amazing hand-eye coordination.

On Sunday, Huyen and I went to her Grandfather's village for lunch. While eating outside, a lot of flies started to swarm around the food. Most of the men in my circle just waved their hands near the flies so that they would fly away. Not Huyen's Grandfather though. I personally saw her Grandfather eye at least four different flies and then catch them in his hands. I was dumbfounded at her Grandfather's skill and tried to imitate him -- I was totally unsuccessful. In fact, I tried so many times that all the old men around me started to laugh. One finally commented, "Ben doesn't like flying black beans."

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mom of elastic band killer said...

Do you remember how Uncle Barry does it? He's an expert!