Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dinner With My Favorite Students!

(PICTURE: My class -- minus a few people -- enjoying some tasty goat.)

As has become the tradition, after finishing teaching my last class, I took all my students out for goat hot pot. Why goat? Well, the answer is that I love goat hot pot and since I'm paying I get to choose. Okay, that's not actually true. I presented the class with a few options and they chose goat since they rarely, if ever, get to eat it.

My class had a great time out that night and absolutely devoured the food. Compared to last time, well, there was no comparison. One of the girls said to me, "I learned last time that I should have come hungry to the dinner. Tonight I'm really hungry." I swear, these sweet girls turned into scavengers! Every time I thought I was about to get a taste of meat, one of the girls would snatch it with her chopsticks. Lesson learned on my part though: next time I've got to just surprise the class with a dinner and not give them a week's warning!

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