Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corruption Perceptions Index 2010

(PICTURE: This map is from 2006 but it doesn't look too different than the one from 2010.)

I'm sure many of you read or saw this in the news yesterday but in case you didn't, click here for the Corruption Perceptions Index 2010 Rankings.

I've often found myself complaining about corruption the last couple of years. When I do that, I usually add the line, "I'm not saying America is perfect because we have plenty of corruption too." Well, America isn't perfect according to these rankings. However, at least we're still 94 spots higher than Vietnam.

Denmark/New Zealand/Singapore #1
USA #22
Vietnam #116

I must say, I've been to New Zealand and that country is absolutely awesome. I'd like to now think that its serious lack of corruption is one of the contributing factors for how much I liked it. I've also been to Singapore which felt cleaner and safer than almost anywhere I've ever been (except for New Zealand). Clearly there's something to this no corruption stuff.

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