Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trivia Question: What is this?

Trivia Question: What is this thing that I'm cleaning?

A) A medieval torture device commonly referred to as "The Rack"

B) A Vietnamese sled for the rare Sapa snowfall

C) Su's dorm room mattress

The Answer: C


experienced mom said...

Would he like an eggcrate or featherbed to put over that or would the other guys make fun?

**Maria ** said...

Are you allowed to upgrade a few things in his fresh paint and a thin mattress maybe? I'll be happy to sponsor the paint supplies or anything else you feel would make his college experience a little more comfortable.

Benjamin said...

Thanks for both of your offers. However, Su actually loves his dorm room. His only complaints are that:
1) It's hot (we bought him a fan)
2) It's stuffy.

The boys near the bathroom don't let them keep that door open because it smells. Since there are no windows in the bedroom, the bathroom is the only way to get fresh air.