Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plastic Glove

(PICTURE: Would you like a glove with your Coke?)

This story just happened to me and it is disgusting, odd and downright unexplainable.

Huyen and I were sitting outside, under an overhang, eating dinner. I had just finished my last bite of grilled buffalo and had saved a sip of coke to wash it down with. As I lifted the glass of Coke to my lips, something landed right on the rim of the glass. I moved the glass away from my face and saw a plastic glove. How the glove got there was a mystery. I immediately looked up but there was the overhang above us. I looked around me, but nobody seemed to be in possession of any gloves or have the motive to throw one at me. As I looked around in confusion I thought that maybe it was the wind. However, there wasn't even a lick of a breeze. This is one of those things in life that just doesn't have an answer.

I've eaten a lot of weird things in my life but nearly putting a used plastic glove into my mouth would have topped them all.


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Hospital with a window open?