Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long time reader...

(PICTURE: Putting a face with a name...)

Huyen and I recently had the pleasure of meeting a long time reader of Ahoy Hanoi -- Marcus!

Marcus has been a frequent commenter on the blog for quite a long time. A couple of weeks ago Marcus let me know he was gonna be in Hanoi so we made plans to meet up. Marcus, like me, is an expat. Marcus has been living in Europe for I think around a decade (correct me if I'm wrong Marcus). He has lived in both Paris and currently in Germany. Marcus has an unbelievable skill for language and speaks four languages fluently. He also is a jack-of-all-trades and besides his career in Germany, finds the time to run film festivals. He was actually running a German film festival in Hanoi the week we met up with him.

One of the cool things about meeting blog readers is that I can finally put a face with their name. When Huyen and I arrived at the bar to meet Marcus, I started to write him a text message letting him know we were there. Well, just as I hit send, a friendly voice beamed out, "Huyen!" Sure enough, Marcus recognized us (or at least Huyen)!

One interesting anecdote from that night: Marcus told Huyen and I that he is becoming a German citizen. In order to do this, he has to give up his Vietnamese passport. Upon hearing this, I could sense some anxiety in Huyen. Marcus quickly calmed her down though and said something to the affect that, "Even though I won't have a Vietnamese passport anymore, I'll always feel Vietnamese."

Of course Huyen and I have talked a hundred times about moving to America but the idea of her having to drop her Vietnamese citizenship never crossed our minds. I'm not 100% sure how this works with America. I'm assuming if you just have a green card then you never have to get rid of your country's passport. However, if and when Huyen becomes a citizen, I'm fairly certain she will have to declare herself to be only American. I can imagine that that is very tough psychologically.

Anyway, it was great to meet Marcus and hopefully we'll see him again in the not to distant future.


L2C said...

I believe the Vietnamese Government now allows dual citizenship. Remember reading the news somewhere recently.

Anonymous said...

I believe if ur born in vn youre always considered a dual citizen nowadays

i might be totally wrong's sth i heard

also idk about huyen but citizenship doesn't have a bearing on one's heritage. here in america we all share an american culture and citizenship but that doesn't mean we forget our many roots from across the world!!

Name: Songer said...

From someone who has looked into this. A) You can live in the US as a permanent resident (aka Greencard) and never become a citizen. My father is a PR and not a citizen. B) You can apply to become a citizen (which allows you to vote). The US does not require you to "drop" your other citizenship, but the other country may make you.