Thursday, May 20, 2010

Animal Noises

One thing that sort of blows my mind is that people around the world impersonate animal noises totally differently. If you try to teach a kid the word D-O-G by saying, "Roof Roof" he'll have no idea what you're talking about. Apparently our animals in America make different noises than animals here in Vietnam.

Sometimes when Huyen or I see an animal we'll do our own animal call. Huyen and I always laugh at each other's impersonations which sound ludicrous. Well, in Mai Chau we were walking along a rice paddy when we encountered a rooster. The rooster wouldn't shut up...until I took out my camera to film it. Well, loyal viewers, watch this video and tell us whose animal call is correct:


Laura said...

to be fair, i think the sound huyen makes probably sounds more like what a rooster actually sounds like. hers is a sound and the american version is words we've made up to go with the sound.

but david sedaris has a bit about this (how various countries have different sounds for animals), which also discusses xmas traditions in different countries and gun laws in various states of the US. i was actually listening to it on my ipod the other day. he specifically does roosters, and well, it's hysterical. but i think everything he does is hysterical.

Katie said...

Thanks for the laugh.
They say "ko-ki-ko-ko" in Japan.