Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I checked my email in the teachers' room at a school I'm working at part-time. I had an email from my buddy Alex with a picture attached to it. Immediately upon seeing the picture I started to laugh and said out loud, "No way!" Everyone in the room at the time happened to be Vietnamese and looked at me oddly so I blurted out, "My best friend from college just won an Emmy." Apparently I was the only person impressed. My guess is they didn't know what an Emmy is.

Congratulations to Alex for winning an Emmy at the 31st Annual Sports Emmy Awards. I already knew that I was not the most successful person out of my high school friends and I'm now I'm certain I'm not even close to being the most successful out of my college friends. Way to go!

Check out Alex and his golden trophy:

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Ben's mom who spent many an hour with you at SU said...

Wow, Alex, and I can say "I knew you when"! Congratulations - I know how hard you work and it's nice to be recognized in such a famous way :)