Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Click It Or Ticket

Two new laws have been passed in Vietnam:

Law 1: If you run a red light -- and get caught -- the fine is now 500,000 VND. I believe this about double from what it was in the past.

Law 2: If you don't buckle your helmet, you will be fined 200,000 VND.

I'm actually really proud of Vietnam for passing this second law. I've commented to Huyen many times how silly people are for wearing helmets but failing to buckle them. In fact, I've seen many helmets that don't even have buckles. This is basically equivelant to the "Click It Or Ticket" campaign in America. If you don't buckle your seat belt -- and get caught -- you will get fined. Here it's now the same deal but with helmets.

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