Friday, March 26, 2010

Photocopy Shops

(PICTURE: My photocopy shop and the maestro kid working the copier.)

All over Hanoi are photocopy shops. Unlike Kinkos in America, these places are mom and pop operations. Basically people buy a photocopy machine (or two) and copy whatever you want them to copy.

I've been going to this one photocopy place for weeks now to copy resources for my school. The kid who copies my stuff is a maestro with the machine; he performs on it like it's a grand piano. I never though that one could have a skill in copying but this kid has proven me wrong. He shrinks or enlarges texts, does double siding, make faint print easier to see... You name it he can do it.

One problem I have with the photocopy place though is that they charge the same amount to do a double sided print versus a one-sided print. There's really no incentive to try and save paper. I'm putting this down on my list of things to complain to the Vietnamese EPA about.

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Anonymous said...

ink probably costs more than paper