Thursday, March 25, 2010

Opening a coconut

(PICTURE: After twenty minute of hacking...)

Have you ever tried to open a coconut? If not, give it a shot. I think this is a new work-out craze waiting to happen. This past weekend, using a machete, I opened my first coconut. It took me about twenty minutes to crack the coconut open and my forearm is still throbbing. I probably could have opened the coconut much quicker but I didn't want to lose the milk inside. To do it right you've got to slice bits off from the top until you get down to the center section of the coconut. When you finally crack the coconut it lets out a small "BOOM" sound as it releases pressure.

Having done this, I've developed a whole new appreciation for Tom Hank's character in Castaway.
(PICTURE: My teacher...)


mom said...

Grandpa used to buy a coconut every year and he never seemed to have trouble opening it and savoring the milk - they must be making them harder these days - or else he was more of a farmer than you.

Benjamin said...

Did the coconuts he bought look like the ones in the picture? The ones we have in the states are much easier to open I think. These coconuts have like a fully armor shell.

muscleman's daughter, not mother said...

Same same.... grandpa had muscle:)

________ said...

just arrived in hanoi, and stumbled upon your blog while in prep. looking for other travellers that will be around for longer than a day or two.

my main mission right now is to meet people who are a)not my relatives b)under 60 but over 10.

anyway hoping you can help me out! i'm here for 6 months and would like to get to know the city! (and find a gym).


Hien said...

LOL,I am ready to pay double to drink your coconut juice!!