Monday, September 28, 2009

More Signs I've Put On Weight

(PICTURE: Look at that gut! Maybe I should wear bigger shirts.)
Not to keep harping on this but I'm getting chubby!

Three times in My Tho I had to get off an elevator because it started to beep. THREE TIMES!!!

Also the Habitat people asked me what shirt size I am. I told them large. They gave me an extra large. It was a hint that my shirts are perhaps getting a tad too tight.

Finally, as of writing this, I got my fourth flat tire on Huyen's motorbike. That's four flat tires in a month and a half. Do you know how many flat tires I had TOTAL last year? 3 ...yup, the same amount of times the elevator told me to get off because I was gonna break it.

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Anthony said...

You are getting old. That is what happens. Enjoy!