Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grass Skiing & Grass Sledding

(PICTURE: Grass Sledding)
I'm gonna shock you with something: It doesn't snow much in Vietnam.

You might be saying to yourself, "I didn't think it ever snowed." Well, I thought that too when I first got here but supposedly it has snowed in Sapa. However, that's clearly not the norm.

As a skiier, I wish there was more snow. Luckily though the Vietnamese are quite innovative and don't let the lack of snow stop them from skiing. Recently Huyen and I went to a resort with grass skiing and grass sledding. The "hill" for skiing was about twice the size of a speed bump so we decided just to go sledding. Check out the video of grass skiers and a grass sledder. The music you'll hear was what was pumping out of the stereo systems at the resort:

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Laura said...

um, why would anyone go grass skiing when they could go grass sledding? there appears to be a clear winner here.