Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

My dad is the best. I really can't imagine a better father. I think I've said this a dozen times on my blog but it's something worth repeating. One of the hard things about being away is that I keep missing birthdays. Today is my dad's 64th. Despite being in his mid sixties, my dad is still a kid at heart. I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday!


birthday blogwriter's mom said...

I think it's time to write your book! You are the bestest!!

proud to be your dad said...

What keeps me young are my great children. I love you and of course i miss you everyday. Who is there to beatin risk,backgammon and all the other board games you stink in. The best thing about my birthday is that it one day closer to seeing you again. Love You and thank you for thirty years of being a great son and more important a great person.