Thursday, August 27, 2009


As Huyen and I walked through Bangkok she would often get really excited to see some sites. However, she wouldn't really get excited at the sites the average tourist would get excited for like The Grand Palace or Wat Phra Keao. Huyen would get excited for the little BIRDS.

On the second day she literally yelped, "Look at the birds!" and ran over to a group feeding on the ground. I asked her, "Are you seriously this excited about birds?" and she said, "There's no birds in Hanoi." In defense of Hanoi, there are some birds here but they are few and far between. Huyen said that the birds in Hanoi get eaten so there aren't that many. In Bangkok (and in Myanmar) there were birds everywhere in the cities.

Here's some pictures of Huyen with her favorite tourist attractions:


Laura said...

i, who really hate birds, was like this all over australia and new zealand. but their birds are so pretty and different! not ugly and scary like US pigeons. so i think this is totally valid and endearing. in case you needed my approval. =)

aristotle said...

I am excited about birds too; and your Huyen is cute :)