Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crew Cut

(PICTURE: With my friend Lori nearly five years ago when I was sporting a crew cut.)

Before I left Vietnam I had a haircut from my local street barber. The guy chopped off all my hair which isn't what I wanted him to do, but gave me a good reason to save $20 on a haircut in America. The day I returned to Hanoi, Huyen and I drove to the barber to get a trim. However, it must have been his one day off during the year because he wasn't there.

The next day we randomly pulled up to another street barber and asked him to cut my hair. I told Huyen to tell him to just cut a little. She told him that and gestured how much to cut off. He said that he understood and then chopped off all my hair. Huyen said to him, "I said just a little!" The barber said, "Yeah but he will look better without his curls." I now have the shortest haircut I've had in a good three or four years. Looks like I won't need to get another haircut until after Japan!


Zev said...

where is the picture of the new haircut?

the brothers' mom said...

I saw it on Skype.... you don't want to see it - something like a combination of Mohawk and crewcut by a barber who probably never cut curly/wavy hair. Good thing is that hair grows... let's hope.

Celine said...

Lol, that is especially funny for me right now because yesterday morning I went to the hairdresser's here in Hanoi. I asked for 10 cms to be cut off, and the lady must have understood.. well..30.
I now have the shorter hair I have had in... since I was 9, actually.
Good times.

lori said...

I am so honored I made the blog :) Miss you!!!