Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Viet Hoang's Birthday!

(PICTURE: Birthday boy with his friend, father and cousin.)

Every once in a while something happens where I'm like, "Holy cow, I've been here a long time." One of those somethings happened again the other day -- Viet Hoang turned five. Him being five isn't that big of a deal -- it's the fact that I've celebrated his third, fourth and five birthdays at his house. This birthday really felt like deja vu to me since it was at the same place as the past two with nearly the exact same party guests.

I have a video on my blog from three years ago in which I was driving around Viet Hoang on my motorbike. The kid is now three years older than when he was falling asleep on my back in the mean streets of Hanoi. Time sure flies...

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