Friday, January 21, 2011

Essay About My Wedding #2

Here's another essay written by one of my students about the wedding. This one has some funny anecdotes in it:

That's the first time I've received a invitation which invites me to a wedding without my parents; I'm really flatter. Saturday morning I woke up soon, prepared a wasitcoat, a necktie, and my inseparable watch.

When I've gone; my mother called me about the box on the table. Oh! I forgot the camera! That's necessary to capture some unforgettable moments. I was really flutter.

I drove my motorbike to the bus meeting place. But on the way, I had some troubles with a policeman. It took me a long-long time, so I must drove too fast to the final stop of the bus. Fortunately, I caught the bus.

The first thing I saw when I got off the bus was the friendly smile of the groom :x Then about thirty Europeans froom's friend - shaked his hands in turn. We came to the bride's house where they were organizing the wedding. There were a lot of people. Someone were cleaning tables, other person was hanging on some beautiful flowers. The scenery of a united family. Three Thaos, Nhung, Thu, Tung and me were excited and went upstair to visit Su's house. After the father of the bride told the opening speech, we came to the offering's act. The bride gave oneself up to the groom and the groom too.

And, I couldn't see anything because of too many big visitors. I tried to capture some photo. I wish I wore a high heels. Then I saw groom's parents and bride's parents were drinking a cup of wine in turn, through the camera. Finally that was the "step on the cup" of Ben. I like that action, and the sound when the cup has broken. Everyone sang a song (without groom).

We ate some chicken, some steamed shrimp and went back home. I was tired, but happy too much.

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