Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where's the party at?

(PICTURE: Huyen and I unloading the truck.)

I had been told that we were going to Huyen's parents' house to have a lunch party with relatives to celebrate the completion of the new house. However, when I showed up at the old house, Huyen's father was nowhere to be seen. I was quickly told that he was in the ceramic village and would be coming back in a few hours with some stuff for the shop. Well, sure enough a few hours later a U-Haul sized truck shows up filled with ceramics. There were some small ceramics and some very very very very big ceramics.

The Nguyens and I rolled up our sleeves and began to unload the truck. Sure enough, I quickly found myself carrying huge vases with Huyen. While my sweat started to stream down my face and chest, I began to wonder, "Where's the party at?"

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