Sunday, November 21, 2010

Immature Billboard Post

(PICTURE: My new favorite billboard in Vietnam.)

A few weeks ago, while traveling to Huyen's parents' house, we passed a giant billboard that made me do a double take. There was a picture of a guy smelling a rose while sort of cuddling with a girl. As we passed the sign, I turned to Huyen and said, "Is that a billboard for vagina soap?" Huyen laughed and said yes. I immediately said, "Next time we drive to your house I need to take a picture of that!"

Well, the next time we drove to Huyen's parents' house, I snapped off a couple of pictures. Here's my thoughts:
1. It's a little weird to me that this billboard is above a small graveyard.
2. Could the symbolism be any more on the nose? Literally. I mean did the guy really have to be smelling a rose?
3. Did you notice the butterfly between the soap and the people? In Vietnam, "butterfly" is slang for vagina. Again, there was nothing subtle about this ad, hence how I immediately knew what it was for.

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