Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hand Me Downs

My parents love to tell the story of how badly I wanted a little brother when my mom was pregnant with my sister. My brother on the other hand, wanted a little sister because he was scared I would team up with my new little brother and beat him up. True story.

Well, after 26 years, I've finally gotten a little brother -- Su. Besides the fact that I'm Su's legal brother-in-law, I've just felt like a big brother since he moved to Hanoi. I could go into detail about all the big brother things I've done recently but perhaps the biggest example is the case of hand me downs. As a little brother, I loved to inherit my brother's stuff when I was young (and actually my dad's stuff too which was just a tad baggy on me). Well, Su has taken a liking to my hand me downs too. As I'm sure you can tell, Su and I aren't exactly built alike. Up until the other day, the hand me downs Su's been enjoying aren't my clothing but rather some objects like my badminton rackets and bicycle. However, the other day Huyen asked me if I ever wear the undies I bought in South Africa. I told her that I hadn't worn them since South Africa and she asked if I could give them to Su. Naturally I said, "Are you serious? Su wants my underwear?"* Well, the answer was yes. Su is now wearing my hand me down undies! I sure am a great big brother! Zev, why didn't you ever give me your underwear!

* In Su's defense: a) I don't think he asked for my undies; Huyen just thought he'd like them b) They are brand new and have only been worn once c) they're tight on me and I'm assuming fit Su nicely.

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