Friday, October 15, 2010

Nicky Has Left The Building...

(PICTURE: Nicky and me on our epic Tet '09 Road Trip.)

It's a sad day for all of Hanoi -- Nicky has left the country.

Last night, Nicky called Huyen and me from Lao Cai, near Sapa. After over two and a half years in Vietnam, Nicky was about to begin a long journey home. This morning he was gonna catch a train and begin his trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway going through China, Mongolia and Russia. After Russia, he'll be training it all the way west, back to his home in England. It should be an epic trip.

It's hard to imagine Hanoi without Nicky. I literally met Nicky on my first night in Hanoi and have been friends with him since. The two of us have worked at the same school, played on the same ultimate frisbee team, been detained together overnight on our '09 Tet bike trip with our friend Long, vacationed on a beautiful island together in Malaysia and most recently were co-stars together in a Vietnamese drama. No, Hanoi definitely won't be the same without Nicky.

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to meet Nicky knows that he's truly one of a kind. The guy is without a doubt one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever known. Few people I have ever met express as much enthusiasm over everything as Nicky does. The guy is always willing to give someone a hand, flash them a smile or jump on a motorbike beside them and venture off to wherever the wind may blow. Yeah, Hanoi definitely won't be the same without Nicky.

I find that I'm often touting how great people are on my blog. I must say, I've been really lucky to have made some amazing friends out here. Sadly though, with Nicky leaving, all of my original group of friends have now departed Vietnam. I sort of feel like a 5th year senior whose had to watch all his buddies graduate and go out into the real world. It's a sad day having Nicky leave Vietnam but I look forward to seeing him in the future. Heck, the guy's already called shotgun on Huyen's and my couch in New York City in 2013 -- the year he plans on touring the states.

Good luck, Nicky. Travel safe, buddy!

(PICTURE: Good times with Nicky were not hard to find.)

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