Saturday, October 23, 2010

Food Festival

(PICTURE: Huyen and Su in front of the entrance to the water park/food festival.)

During the week of the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi, there were different events all over the city. One event that Huyen really wanted to go to was the food festival oddly located at the Hanoi water park. On the night before the anniversary, we braved the traffic and checked-out the food festival.

The water park was packed with Vietnamese hoping to get a taste of different types of food from around Vietnam and the world. The festival was divided into three sections: northern Vietnamese food, southern Vietnamese food and International food. Strangely, the center of Vietnam's food wasn't represented; perhaps the Hanoi government was scared for people to realize the center of Vietnam's food is the most delicious.

We bought some tickets to sample the food and quickly realized that: A) the food wasn't as delicious as it usually is when you buy it on the street B) the prices were about quadrupled from their normal price.

After walking around the park for about an hour and sampling many small eats and drinks, we decided to get some real food and headed to a bia hoi.

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