Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding Suit

(PICTURE: Getting measured up for my suit)

Yesterday I wrote about my shoe dilemma for the big "I do" day. After writing that post I realized that I never mentioned on my blog about my wedding suit. Well, I've already gotten my wedding suit.

About a month or so ago, Huyen and I went to the fabric market and bought some nice Italian cloth for a suit. I decided to go with an all black suit since: a) Men usually wear black at weddings in America b) I don't already own a black suit. After getting the fabric (which cost about $60), we went to the best known tailor in Hanoi. After waking up all the staff (it was 1:45 and apparently they sleep there until 2PM every day after lunch) I got measured for my suit. One week later, I went back to the shop and tried on the suit which was a perfect fit. Now I've got to make sure I don't gain any weight from now till December 19th.


Hannah said...

Next stop: my ao dai. Yes, clearly I'm excited about this since I've mentioned it at least half a dozen times.

Anonymous said...

they relaly should've gotten you a more manly gauze black one with the white layer underneath. but it seems from a past post they got u the typical blue one with silver/gold characters

Anonymous said...

and im talking about ao dai lol