Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Traditional Outfit

Girls aren't the only ones who get to wear traditional Vietnamese outfits in wedding photos:

(PICTURE: I think on the photo day I get to wear some kind of pants under the outfit.)


mom said...

Do you cut your hair and shave too?!

marcus said...

you look funny! :D

Please do not wear anything under the skirt! :))

Anonymous said...

:)) congrats
soon-to-be Vietnamese groom

Benjamin said...

That picture was from a couple of weeks ago when we chose our photographer. Tomorrow we actually take our pictures. Supposedly Hanoi Television is gonna film us too and put it in a documentary. Yes, totally random.

Ngọc Bích said...

That picture, so cute ;))
I'm looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures 8->

abby said...

You look very cute! we can't wait to see more pictures. xo-Abby and David