Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6-12 Months

(PICTURE: "Yes, Mr. and Mrs. August your table will be ready in 6-12 months.")

In case the good news was lost in yesterday's annoyed post let me restate it today: The Embassy accepted my I-130 package. I'm not 100% sure this means I've qualified to apply from abroad but I'm sort of assuming it does since they took my money (Although they took Huyen's $150 last year to apply for a visa and then rejected her).

I had asked the embassy a few weeks ago how long the whole process will take and they said 6-12 months. This means:

Best Case Scenario: Huyen and I can arrive in America at the end of March/beginning of April.
Worst Case Scenario (AKA: The USCIS office is reading my blog scenario): Huyen and I can arrive in America at the end of next September.
Truly Worst Case Scenario: They reject us for whatever ridiculous reason and our 6-12 month count must start again from a later date.

My friend Steve went through immigration processing last year and he's been a great help to Huyen and me so far. When I told him the 6-12 month wait time he said a great line to me: "Maybe they're just trying to discourage people who have bad intentions, like a restaurant that says its an hour wait to be seated when it ends up being 10 min." Lets hope that this wait time ends up being much shorter than they told me. I would love for Huyen to be able to see some snow for the first time next March!

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lvu said...

Good luck Ben and Huyen. Immigration process has been much faster recently.

You should come to DC for Jon Stewart's rally on Oct 30.