Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding Update: Scouting Hotels

While in Ha Nam last week, Huyen and I scouted some hotels for the wedding. As I've been doing some planning for the wedding, I realized it makes more sense for people to stay close to her home the night before the wedding since we'll be going there for the "rehearsal dinner" the night before. Instead of driving more than an hour in unpredictable traffic to and from Hanoi, we can all save time by staying a few minutes away in Phu Ly.

I've come up with something I call "The Brett Test." I think to myself, will my friend Brett be willing to sleep/eat in this hotel/restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel that Huyen and I found and I'm pretty sure it'll pass the Brett test. Brett?

It's got a nice-ish lobby:

Clean beds and bathroom:

And a nice view:

That said, I would suggest bringing your own pillow case. You can buy a new one with the savings since this hotel costs about $15 a night for the suites.


Anonymous said...

are there no shower curtians in Vietnam?

Benjamin said...

Nope! I have only seen one. Most places there isn't a tub. You just shower on the floor and the water drains.

Laura said...

i'd sleep there! it actually looks nicer than the place my law firm put me up in charlottesville tuesday night.

Benjamin said...

Laura does that mean you're coming to the wedding!

Understanding Boyfriend said...

You could also call it the Josh test. Very recently, a quaint bed and breakfast I had booked on my own flunked the Josh test and we had to find different accomodatins.