Friday, August 27, 2010

Congratulations, Anthony!

(PICTURE: Anthony and his awesome wife Elissa at the Primetime Emmy awards.)

Congratulations to my good friend Anthony Carbone for winning a Primetime Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Reality Programming". Carbone was the Supervising Producer on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, not only a very successful show but one that Anthony truly believed in from the moment he started working on it. One of the realities of working in reality TV is that we often work on, well, crap. However with this project, Anthony felt from the beginning that it could not only be entertaining but also have a positive effect on society. And that's why this Emmy really couldn't be in better hands. Besides being an extremely talented producer and editor, Carbone is by far one of the best guys I've ever known.

A couple of years ago I went to Sicily to celebrate Carbone's wedding to his childhood sweetheart Elissa. Their wedding was definitely one of the highlights of my adult life! As I've been planning Huyen's and my wedding, I keep thinking about Anthony and Elissa's and how we can make ours as memorable as theirs was. It's going to be quite a challenge especially since it looks like Anthony and Elissa will be attending!

On another note, if I can get my other Emmy award winning friend Alex to attend, this wedding will have by far the most American TV award winners present in the history of Vietnamese weddings!

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Anthony said...

Being on this blog: better than winning an Emmy.