Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dancing With The Locals

The other highlight of our excursion was when we pulled up to a house with a bunch of goats in front of it. We all got out of our van and walked between the fenced in goats and a neighboring house. When we got to the neighboring house we immediately started to hear some whistles being blown. Before we knew it, four old ladies came dancing our way:

The ladies grabbed Devin and Chris and led our group around to the back of the house:

Behind the house was a local choir.

The choir sang some traditional songs to us and then began to dance. After they had shown off their moves, they grabbed all of the tourists and had us form a circle. They continued to sing as they pulled one tourist at a time into the middle where the attempted to teach us some local moves. Chris went first and infused some Buffalo hip-hop style into his South African booty shake:

Devin went next and attempted to do a little grinding:

Dave went next and showed off his moves:

The girl Dave danced with though didn't seem so impressed:

(PICTURE: Maybe my favorite photo ever.)

Of course I danced too. However, "engaged guy" must have been written on my face because I found myself being dragged into the middle of the circle by a dude.

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