Sunday, June 6, 2010


(PICTURE: Me with my Level 2 class and a few special guests.)

Last week we finished the first cycle of Apex English. Overall, the past three months were quite a success. I can honestly say that almost every single student improved their English skills. There were a couple of students who vastly improved with their speaking, listening and writing. It feels good to see big results in such a short period of time.

I learned a lot over the last three months and I can hopefully apply my new knowledge during the next cycle of the school. Most of the students have expressed interest in taking another class with Apex and ideally we'll be able to recruit more students. I've already decided to lower the cost of classes almost a $1 per class. Apex was already the cheapest language school with a native speaker and will be even more so with the new price tag.

To celebrate the end of our semester, I took both of my classes out to dinner. Here's some pictures from our farewell parties:

(PICTURE: Me with my Level 1 class and freeloading Huyen!)

(PICTURE: I dressed down while everyone else dressed up.)

(Picture: The girls in pink. Huyen and Jamie...who will be doing a guest blog soon!)


Anonymous said...

u have an alarming # of students w glasses lol

Anonymous said...

Her name is Huyền not Huyen. You've been here in VN long enough, you should learn Vietnamese. At least you should show some respect to your Vietnamese readers

Anonymous said...

um to anonymous above get that stick out of your ass most ppl don't give a shit (I'm vietnamese)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous #3:
You should take that stick from Anonymous #2 and sniff it.(I'm Vietnamese too)