Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Birthday

On my actual birthday, I think Huyen sang "Happy Birthday" to me at least three dozen times. It was her goal that day to give me everything I wanted...which resulted in -- vegetarians stop reading now -- this :

Yes, that's a whole little pig laid out on a platter in front of me and my birthday candles. You see, the night before my birthday a group of students were having a bonfire party and roasting a small pig:

I commented to Huyen that it was like they were having a luau, something I've never partaken in. After explaining to Huyen what a luau was, I could see a light go on in her brain. The next day she asked the guest house if they could roast us a small pig. Later Huyen told me the woman said, "Just the two of you are gonna eat a pig?" The answer was yes...although it took us my birthday dinner and breakfast the following morning.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm filled with guilt over having to end the life of a pig to celebrate me turning one year older. However, it was by far the tastiest grilled pork I've ever eaten. Yes, Dad, ever!!!!

You'll notice in the picture a giant vase sitting next to me. Well, if you didn't notice, here it is on my head:

This vase was filled with fermented rice which makes a very sweet alcoholic beverage. Huyen and I bought the vase to celebrate my birthday. By celebrate, I mean drink half and pass out thirty minutes later. I didn't check the time that I fell asleep on my birthday but it was definitely no later than 9:30PM. Despite the early exit from consciousness, this was definitely one of my best birthdays ever. Thanks for the amazing weekend, Huyen!


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Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Ben! That looks like a great birthday meal.

We tried to buy a pig outside of Sa Pa with PJ near the entrance to the tunnel to China. The woman would sell the pig but wouldn't cook it.

Benjamin said...

Huyen and I talked a lot about that Sapa trip during our meal. That is still without a doubt one of my favorite memories of my time in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

fresh roast pig is always yummays

most americans cant get past the skin but for vietnamese that's the best part
so crispy