Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looking Into The Past Before We Embark On Our Future

Ryan sent me a great email today referencing one of my first blog posts about Huyen. It's really funny (or prophetic as Ryan says) to go back and read it now -- especially the closing line.

I'm gonna cut and copy that post below and write some corrections in the text:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Um, yeah, I might have a Vietnamese Girlfriend

(PICTURE: Huyen wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress in front of The Temple of Literature)

So Huyen (the girl who asked me if I "was going to make water") and I have hung out a couple more times recently [NOTE: She still jokingly asks if I'm making water from time to time]. She and her sister came over on Tuesday night and cooked an amazing house-warming dinner for Ryan and I [NOTE: This was the house we ended up being evicted from because I was dating Huyen]. Then yesterday she swung by during the day to talk for a little while and to drink fresh melon shakes [NOTE: Huyen never made me a fresh melon shake again. Hmmmm, I'm gonna have to inquire about this].

Now the question is, how many times does it take for a boy and a girl in Vietnam to hang out before they are considered boyfriend and girlfriend [NOTE: I'm still not sure of this answer. I now know the answer to getting engaged though]?

In case you're wondering here are Huyen's stats:
Age: 23 [NOTE: Because of the crazy way Vietnamese date birthdays -- and my terrible skills in Math -- I'm still not sure how old she was when we met]
Occupation: College Student at the University of Hanoi; finishing her thesis in economics. [NOTE: She is now a merchandiser for a company importing/exporting socks and will hopefully be a university student again when we move to America. My hope is Huyen can get her MBA in the states.]
Languages: Vietnamese (A+), Russian (A+) [NOTE: Despite winning the National Prize for Russian in Ha Nam Province, Huyen's Russian skills are about as good as my Vietnamese skills. I'm lowering her grade to C-] , English (B) [NOTE: Thanks to her phenomenal English tutor she's now up to an A-], French (C+) [NOTE: The first night we hung out she said a few words in French which made me give her this grade. It didn't take me long though to realize she doesn't know much French at all. Grade update: D-], Japanese (C+) [NOTE: See the French note. Grade update: D-]
Height: 5'7 or 5'8. She's a giant out here. [NOTE: Huyen is a giant out here but after finally figuring out the height metric application on my phone I can report that she's just under 5'6]
Extra Curricular Activities: Badminton [NOTE: She's really good at good that she beat me the last time we played], Cooking [NOTE: I think she's an amazing cook although she claims she is the worst in her family], Riding her motorbike [NOTE: Now she likes letting me drive all the time], going to the movies, hanging out with family [NOTE: This is still as true as ever].

One negative about Huyen is that she literally might kill me [NOTE: It hasn't happened yet but she's threatened me a few more times since this incident]. Yesterday I made a joke about her bothering me and she started to strangle me and said, "You are so mean!" I'll keep you posted on this budding romance. If it does turn into marriage, I expect everyone to fly out for the wedding. [NOTE: I still expect everyone to fly out for the wedding!!!]


Henry said...

She is so good, she can speak many language. Marry her! Ash her: "yes or no?" and she must answer :))

Hannah said...

that was an amazing flashback!!