Friday, March 5, 2010


(PICTURE: Something you don't see in the States.)

As I was riding my bike this morning I passed a man walking his dog. I noticed two things as I rode by -- two big hairy testicles. It occurred to me as I giggled to myself that neutering animals is a difference between Vietnam and America. In America it seems that nearly every domesticated dog has had his manhood deprived of him. In Vietnam, dogs get to keep their family jewels. I'm sure some dog owners neuter their pets but as far as I can tell, most dogs are still in possession of their balls.

As I continued to ride my bike home I thought to myself, "Westerners think it's terrible that Vietnamese eat dogs. I wonder if Vietnamese think it's terrible that Westerners neuter dogs?"


Anonymous said...

u're wrong guy, dogs are neutered here

Benjamin said...

I'm sure some are. However, the three in my neighborhood most definitely are not.