Friday, March 12, 2010


Tonight Huyen is going to Ho Chi Minh City for work which means I have our apartment all to myself. Huyen told me I'm not allowed to have any parties. I think she said this to me because during Tet I asked her, "When parents go out of town in Vietnam, do kids have parties?" Huyen started to beam and said, "Yeah! Yeah! When our parents would go away we would have parties! We would cook whatever we wanted!" This is the kind of innocence that you get in Vietnam that you don't get in America. Can you imagine some teenager in a high school cafeteria yelling out, "My parents are out of town!!! We can cook whatever we want!!!!"

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**Maria ** said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! My parents WISH that was what I was doing when they were out of town. Instead they once came home to a house and yard filled with about 150 high school seniors. You never saw a place empty so fast. :)