Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Japanese Name

(PICTURE: My Japanese name.)

While I was taking the calligraphy class I had an epiphany, "I should ask the teacher to write my Japanese name." You know, you always hear stories about people getting tattoos that they think mean one thing but really mean something totally different. i.e. A girl gets a "peace" character on her arm which really means "bimbo."

I figured I was in pretty safe hands getting my Japanese name from the 85-year-old school teacher. I told Masumi that I wanted to get the characters for my name and she quickly huddled with all of the volunteers. After a few minutes of everyone figuring out the Konji for Ben-Ja-Min, the teacher started to write my name on a piece of paper. He ended up giving me the paper which is now my coolest souvenir from Japan. So here is what my name translates to in Konji:

First character (the one on top) : Studies
Second character (middle one) : Green Tea
Third character (up, on bottom): Light

I am officially "Studies Green Tea Light." I'm told this is a very good name.


mom said...

Now that's one for framing!

Benjamin said...

I agree. I'm hopefully gonna be able to frame it in Vietnam if it doesn't get crushed on the way to Hanoi.

Marcus said...

I can guess how your name in Vietnamese would be according to the Japanese one:

Ben - Studies (I don't know this word would work)

Ja would be Trà

Min would be Minh

So in Vietnamese your name would be: Ben Trà Minh :p

Frankly, your name in Vietnamese must be Bành Gia Minh which slightly differs from the Japanese one:

Bành: hunk
Gia: family
Minh: light

Marcus said...

In addition, Minh could be also smart, so in Vietnamese you would be a smart family hunk :D

Laura said...

such a great souvenir! it looks amazing.

Benjamin said...

I'll take anything with "hunk" any day of the week. I have to make sure Huyen sees those comments!

Hannah said...

Please don't get that tattooed on you.

Huyen said...

haha, I can not stop laughing on all of these comments!

You are really creative on translating Ben's name into Vietnamese, Marcus! It is really funny! Gia Minh is nice name, and the family's name "Banh" is really rare name. I just know people with that first name are really smart and successful! :) Congrt. Ben!