Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Student

On the way out of the fire festival, we passed a tent with some extremely energetic vendors who were pounding mochi. Mikka took out here camera to get some pictures and one of the vendors came up to her and Iain. I immediately recognized a familiar face -- my student.

I was really proud of my student because he was using English to talk to my friends. I stepped up and said hi and he absolutely lit up...and sold me a piece of grilled pork from his tent.

(PICTURE: Me and my student. Mikka took this great picture. My favorite part is the random girl trying to sneak into the shot at the end.)

Now I need to flash back into earlier in this night when I was talking about my students with Mikka and Iain. We were comparing our classes and I was saying how my students are extremely shy and introverted. As soon as we walked away from my student, Iain turns to me and says, "That was one of your shy students?"

On Monday my student came in and turned bright red. He was really embarrassed about seeing me and thought he had acted inappropriately by being so friendly. I smiled at my student and assured him that it was great seeing him and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. That said, every time he comes into class now he turns bright red.

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