Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katie!

(PICTURE: Katie waiting for the bullet train. The only thing quicker than the Shinkansen is how fast one's 30th birthday comes after turning 29.)

Today is my coworker/friend/next-door-neighbor Katie's 29th birthday. Last night I went out and bought her some socks that happen to be really funny and warm. It is getting cold here and the floors in our apartments are sort of freezing. Katie also likes leg warmer type stuff so I thought they were a good gift.

After buying the gift I went to the gym. At the gym I bumped into one of Katie's students and told him that I had just bought Katie a birthday gift since her birthday was the next day. The student was surprised and asked what I bought her. I told him and then he said to me, "That's a good gift. I'm gonna go buy her socks too after the gym." I couldn't believe that kid was gonna steal my gift so I told him to just buy chocolates. I thought I trumped him until he showed up today with a beautiful scarf.

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Huyen said...

Happy Birthday, Katie. I heard about you lot from Ben and thanks for helping him a lot during the time he is there. I really hope I can meet you one day.