Saturday, October 24, 2009


(PICTURE: Yes, Yuya is wearing full cameo as he points to where we are gonna hike.)

Koryama isn't exactly Tokyo but it has a ton of gorgeous nature right outside the city. Recently Paula and Yuya took me on hikes to two different waterfalls:

(PICTURE: The first waterfall. Man, my hair looks good.)

Just to reconfirm how beautiful Fukushima is, the authorities posted this sign by the first waterfall:

The sign says that this waterfall made the "Top 30 Waterfall List of Fukushima." Really? Top 30? That's a lot of waterfalls in a small area.


mom said...

Very pretty! I like it better than Niagra Falls.

Yen Phung said...

I love waterfalls. Arent there translated signs for the tourists there (any how abt the other attractions?)

Hannah said...

But were there butterflies?