Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pay Parking Lots

Here's something that will eventually catch on in the United States:

What you're looking at is a self-parking pay lot. How it works is that a car drives into the lot and parks in a space. When the car parks in the space, the metal layer rises up making it impossible to drive out. To get the lever to lower, one has to pay a machine when they are ready to go. It's a really efficient system:
1. Drive into the lot.
2. Park (the lever goes up)
3. When you're ready to leave, pay a machine (the lever goes down).
4. Drive out.


Corey said...

Lots of big 'ol trucks in the US that will have no trouble rolling over those

Anonymous said...

yeah, i was gonna say.... i would roll my truck right out of the lot everytime. so i think we should get this system in the US. lifetime free parking for me.

-your friend with the big black truck

Paula Negishi said...

so i see Carol made it online. see, these are the things you (meaning you new people to Jland) notice and i take for granted. but we can both agree that Carol is wonderful.